Brick in the wall

200cent square fix

200cent square fix

Tiny… Really Tiny! This LED spot has a diameter of just 26 mm, which makes it as small as a two-euro coin. And thus, the name… 200Cent. 

Plus, it’s Powerful… really Powerful! The 200Cent’s light output is 750 lumens, which makes it more powerful than a traditional 50 W halogen spot (and at least 88% more economical). And all that with the best quality. The colour consistency is perfect (two-step MacAdam), so you will never see the slightest colour difference between spots. The colour rendering (CRI 92) is also outstanding, which ensures that objects are illuminated true to life. 

Tiny and Powerful? Yes, it’s possible. The 200Cent is an optimal crossing of outstanding technology and minimalistic design. 

Reclamebureau Tallieu & Tallieu