Brick in the wall


CALCYT® and CALCYT+® are registered trade marks of BRICK IN THE WALL®

High density, High purity plaster

BRICK IN THE WALL® developed it’s own CALCYT® plaster with amazing characteristics. CALCYT® is a high density, heat and fire resistant, next genera- tion plaster, with optimal hardness and light reflexion properties. Our continuous research results in the production of CALCYT® fittings without air holes, assuring no cracks after installation. Our range of light fixtures offers a truly trimless solution. The absence of a metal frame is not only aesthetically pleasing. Since CALCYT® plaster fittings share the same thermal expansion characteristics as regular plaster or plasterboard, it also ensures stable, high quality installations that remain free of plaster cracks. You should come and look at some of the installations that we did 17 years ago! Due to it’s thermal resistance, CALCYT® fittings are suitable for many different light sources. The snow white CALCYT® fittings can easily be painted in the colour of your wall or ceiling! But at the same token, you could try a finish with wall paper, gold leaf, or tadelakt. This facilitates the seamless integration of our borderless CALCYT® fittings into each and every interior. And if you decide to redecorate the place in a number of years, our light fixtures will just adapt to your new desires. And for outdoor applycations Brick In The Wall developped the through and through water resistant CALCYT+®.

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